Even though each religion has its own doctrines, creeds and rituals, all religions are united and bound with one belief- a Supreme Power guides the destinies of mankind. Under the benign guidance of Shri Heggade, Shree Kshethra Dharmasthala has always looked at all mankind as one family.

Taking this belief to a higher level, Shri Manjayya Heggade, the earlier Dharmadhikari, hosted the first Sarva Dharma Sammelana in 1933. Continuing this tradition, Shri Veerendra Heggade annually hosts the Sarva Dharma Sammelana (Convention of all religions) and the Sahitya Sammelana (Literary convention) to spread the doctrins of all religions and human values as depicted in religious books and literature. The annual gathering of religious heads of all religions, scholars, poets and other distinguished personalities helps in encouraging solidarity, unity and above all universal brotherhood. The tradition has been diligently followed and respected for last eight decades.

Besides worship and social service, the Heggade is also responsible for promoting the fine arts. Dharmasthala has always been a patron of art and culture and Dr Heggade maintains a touring yakshagana troupe, encourages the flow of new ideas. With the objective of achieving religious harmony and spreading of knowledge Sarvadharma Sammelana and Sahitya Sammelanas are organized annually.

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