The Enthusiast

“Hobbies help you discover and develop different aspects of your personality that you never knew existed.”

As with every thing in his life, Dr. Heggade pursues his hobbies with enthusiasm and passion. No matter how busy his schedule, he will take out time for his love of cars, antiques, photography, travel and writing.

He is not one to do things by half measures and often finds himself taking his hobbies to new heights. Take for instance the Manjusha Museum that he set up for antique artifacts or his celebrated car museum in Dharamsthala that houses his collection of vintage automobiles, which are in full working condition, off course.

Manjusha Museum

Manjusha Museum

While restoring temples in and around Dharmasthala, Shri Heggade noticed that many ancient artifacts and objects were being replaced by modern ones. This affected him greatly because he felt that things that held so much importance in our history and heritage were being pushed into oblivion.

Shri Heggade began a process of collecting and preserving antiques. The collection grew bigger to include household objects, idols, jewellery, swords, cameras, pens, paintings, musical instruments, and coins. These lost treasures had finally found a new home, and that’s how the Manjusha Museum was born.

The museum is now 40 years old and continues to thrive under Shri Heggade’s loving care.

Samskruthi Samshodhana Prathishtana

Sri Manjunatheshwara Samskruthi Samshodhana Prathishtana

When digging for antiques, you are bound to stumble upon priceless treasures. With the antique collection growing, many ancient manuscripts found their way to Dharmasthala. Unfortunately these manuscripts were dilapidated with years of neglect.

These manuscripts were written in long forgotten languages and covered a variety of subjects, ranging from Ayurveda to the Upanishad.

A separate center for the conservation and research on these manuscripts was needed. After consultations with top scholars, a research center for the collection, preservation and study was planned.

There are now 6000 manuscripts that have been restored and are available for scholars to study.

Travel and Photography

Travel and Photography

A seasoned traveller, Shri Heggade enjoys visiting different places throughout India and the world. He goes to great lengths to get to know the place, taking in museums, historical places, natural wonders. A rural visit or a drive through the countryside is also a must. While his camera is busy capturing images, he tries to get to know more about the local life, the culture and practices, government and people.

Photography is yet another hobby that he enjoys. He loves clicking pictures of local life and nature. His photos have been exhibited in several places. The Manjusha Museum also houses a camera collection that exceeds 600 instruments, from huge underwater cameras to tiny spy cameras.
Photography Gallery

Vintage Car Collection

Vintage Car Collection

Anyone who knows him would agree that Shri Heggade is not a person who does things by half - measures .Therefore it’s no surprise that what started as a childhood passion for cars and driving has now taken shape as a museum that showcases and restores over 100 vintage cars.

The museum, situated in Dharmasthala is an ode to Shri Heggade’s penchant for perfection. The cars are scrupulously maintained, and renovated with utmost care, all these vintage cars are kept in working condition. Shri Heggade takes great pleasure in personally overseeing these conditioning and restorations of these cars to their original glory.

Every car has an interesting story about how it became a part of the museum. A 1903 Renault holds a place of pride in the museum, along with a custom built 1949 Daimler which belonged to the Maharajah of Mysore and a 1929 Studebaker which was used by Mahatma Gandhi.


Writing and Oratory

Writing and Oratory

Giving talks and speeches around the country is not only one of Dr. Heggade's responsibilities; it is something that he relishes tremendously. Interacting with people from all walks of life inspires him to speak insightfully on thought-provoking matters. His experience and different roles in various sections of the society add strength to his words. Dr. Heggade is not just a religious leader; he is a scholar, a social reformer and an academician. From religious aspects to academics, his talks touch a wide range of topics.

Being an avid reader and a literature, Dr. Heggade enjoys writing for the trust's magazines such as Manjuvani- the official magazine of the temple and NirantaraPragathi- the magazine of the Rural Development Program. Additionally, he also writes a column for Vijayakarnataka, a Kannada daily. His writings primarily stress on antarangashudhdhi bahirangashudhdhi, the external and internal purification of human life. He believes that strong moral ideals will lead humanity towards a better world. He also focuses on the importance of developing good habits and abandoning bad habits in building a better life. Along with individual development, his writings also stress on civic responsibilities, environmental protection and nationalism.

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