The Family Man

‘Love for all humanity begins at home.’

Dr. Veerendra Heggade was born on 28th November, 1948 to Dharmadhikari Ratnavarma Heggade and his wife Rathnamma. He was the eldest of the five siblings- Harshendra Kumar, Surendra Kumar, Rajendra Kumar and Padmalata. Mother Rathnamma was a friend, confidante and guide, and her stories and her company had a lasting impression on the young boy.

Having grown up with the values and teachings of Dharmasthala, Dr. Heggade found at the young age of 20 that his true calling was to follow his father’s illustrious footsteps. However, in order to prepare for this role, Dr. Heggade’s father sent him to study at the Siddhavana Gurukula, the free hostel for the poor students, which would teach him about simplicity, humility and empathy for the poor.

He married Smt. Hemavathi Heggade in a match arranged by their parents and strengthened by their mutual respect for one another. Mrs. Hemavathi has been an inspiration and pillar of support to Dr. Heggade and an exemplary mother to their daughter, Shraddha.

In spite of being a devoted matriarch, Smt. Heggade finds enough time to support several social causes. She also spearheads Jnaanavikaasa, the women empowerment program of the Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project.

The Enthusiast About Dharmasthala